Hedge benefits

How hedges benefit animals, their surroundings and what to gain from planting a hedgerow in the field or at home

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Hedge hideout

A wildlife welcome mat

Planting a hedge is like building cozy homes for animals, just as we humans build houses to seek shelter. Animals need safe spots too, places to nest and hide away from the hustle and bustle.

With its thick leaves and different shapes, a hedge becomes a bustling community for wildlife—birds, bugs, and even reptiles find snug homes here. And just like a lively neighborhood, hedges are made more vibrant by the mix of creatures that call them home.

Not only does it offer cozy homes, but it also sets up an all-you-can-eat buffet for its residents. The dense foliage provides safe hiding spots for creatures big and small, while also serving as a convenient pantry stocked with berries, seeds, and insects.

In the morning when dew forms or after a rain shower, droplets collect on leaves and branches, offering a quick drink for thirsty creatures.

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Vital water

Morning dew becomes an essential daily drink

Fruits and berries

A wild cherry tree can produce hundreds of fruit a season

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Where wildlife flourishes

A hedge isn't just a place for animals to scrape by; it's like their own little bustling neighborhood where they can live their best lives

1Cozy Nesting Spots

Hedges give critters like birds and small animals safe spots to raise their babies with food nearby that's easy to gather

2Hideouts from Baddies

Thick hedge growth provides cover from predators, giving animals a safe place without worrying about getting eaten

3Protection from weather

Hedges are like nature's AC units, keeping critters cool in summer and cozy in winter with their thick foliage 

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Wildlife benefits

  • Flowers produce pollen
  • Branches and leaves for camoflague  
  • Fruit attracts nearby birds  
  • Protects animals from strong winds 
  • All in one home and breeding ground
  • Provides a source of water 
  • Protects against predators
  • Cleans air and creates oxygen 
closeup-background-macro-rain-wet (5).jpg__PID:b7bd5927-3073-49b0-9e5f-1ad014ef5a60

People benefits

  • Attracts pollenators for fruit and vegetable growers
  • Privacy from hedge screen
  • Reduction of insects and pests with animal presence 
  • Wind and sound barrier for a comfortable garden 
  • Opportunities for wildlife observation
  • Stabilises ground against water erosion 
  • Protects against tresspassers 
  • Cleans air and creates oxygen


Planting a hedge is one of the most effective ways to support local wildlife and enhance your environment. Whether you’re looking to create a sanctuary for animals or improve your garden, hedges offer numerous benefits for both animals and humans. Here are our top recommendations for widelife friendly hedge plant species

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