why we prefer seed grown 

Growing from Seed

"planting seeds directly into the soil or a growing medium to initiate the growth of plants"

Enhancing Adaptability and Quality

At Wyevale, our commitment to providing top-quality hedging plants has led us to embrace the practice of growing them from seed wherever feasible. While not all of our hedge plants are propagated this way, we grow from seed where possible.

In 2023 over 80% of our new stock is seed grown. Furthermore we grow seeds of British provenance where possible to make our plants even more native to the UK.

We believe that sowing from seed offers several significant benefits, ensuring healthier, more adaptable plants for our customers.

Nurturing Adaptability through Seed Propagation

Seed sowing is a natural and time-tested method of cultivation that allows us to harness the inherent genetic diversity within each hedging species. This diversity plays a vital role in enhancing the adaptability of the plants to different environmental conditions. Unlike other propagation methods like cuttings, which produce genetically identical clones, seeds introduce natural variation, enabling the plants to develop traits better suited to local climates and soils.

By selecting and nurturing seed-grown hedging plants, our customers can enjoy the assurance that these plants have a higher chance of thriving in their specific garden settings. Whether it's frost tolerance, drought resistance, or pest resilience, seed-propagated plants are more likely to possess the qualities needed to flourish in various conditions.

Native protection

Safeguarding Plant Health and Biodiversity

At Wyevale, we understand the importance of maintaining plant health and preserving biodiversity. While the seeds themselves pose no concern, we are vigilant about safeguarding against potential plant health issues that may arise when introducing grown plants from different regions.

Our dedicated team employs rigorous measures to ensure that our hedging plants remain healthy and free from potential diseases. By nurturing these plants within our UK-based nursery, we minimize if not eliminate any potential risks, associated with introducing non-native diseases to the local ecosystem.

Maintaining a controlled environment and adhering to stringent hygiene protocols ensures that our plants remain in optimal health throughout their growth journey. This commitment allows us to deliver healthy, vibrant hedging plants to our customers, which will contribute positively to their gardens without compromising local biodiversity.