Pallet Delivery Policy

To ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process, please take a moment to review the following guidelines and important information regarding our pallet delivery terms


Delivery address

Must be lorry accessible (18 tonne)

Delivery point

Must not occupy public space

Delivery type

Safe space by default
Signed for available with courier

Delivery options 

Time slot available with courier

Delivery times

England and Wales: 1-2 business days
Scotland: 3-5 business days 

Delivery Location Accessibility

Our pallet deliveries are conducted using 18-tonne lorries. Therefore, it is essential that the delivery location is accessible by such a vehicle.

Here are some guidelines to ensure your location is suitable:

Road Types: The delivery location must be accessible via standard roads that can accommodate heavy vehicles. Narrow lanes, low bridges, and weak road surfaces might prevent successful delivery.

Access Routes: Ensure that there are no weight restrictions, tight corners, or other obstacles that could hinder the lorry's access.

Entry Points: Check that there are no restrictions at the entry points to your property that could prevent a large vehicle from entering.

Pallet Drop Location Requirements

To comply with regulations and ensure safety, the pallet drop location must adhere to the following:

Clear and Accessible Area: The area where the pallet will be placed must be clear of obstacles and easily accessible. Please leave a 300x300cm space for the pallet. 

Private Property: The pallet must be left on private property and not obstruct any public pathways. For example, if you live in a terraced house with street access, the pallet cannot be left unattended on the pavement as it blocks public walkways.

Avoiding Public Obstruction: Ensure that the pallet drop location does not interfere with public access or create any hazards

Delivery Process and Arrangements

By default, our pallets are set to be left in a safe space upon delivery. However, you can arrange for a signed-for delivery slot with our courier after purchase. The delivery timeslot option will be sent from our courier via email, after the plants have been collected from our nursery. 

Safe Place Delivery: The driver will leave the pallet in a designated safe area at your property. Ensure this space is secure and easily accessible by forklift.

Signed-For Delivery: After you recieve the courier's email, you can arrange a specific delivery slot where someone will need to be present to sign for the delivery.

Delivery Times

Our pallet delivery service is prompt and for most areas in England and Wales we are able to provide 24 hour delivery. Here are the delivery timelines you can expect:

England and Wales: Delivery within 2 business days.

Scotland: Delivery within 3-5 business days.

Failure to deliver 

If the delivery can not be completed because the site is inaccessible by lorry or because the delivery location is public property. The order will be cancelled and a reund will be issued minus the cost of delivery.    

If the delivery fails due to reasons related to the courier, re-delivery can be scheduled directly through the courier portal